I decided to write this Instructable for three reasons. 1) there are, as far as I know, no other instructions as to how one would go about making a light fixture like this, 2) I have access to a laser cutter at my school, which makes the process much easier, and 3) I have a set of Laurel lamp bases that are missing their glass mushroom shades and I need replacements.

I’m sorry that I cannot give what I consider a full intractable – what I am presenting here is how one would go about creating a string lamp for their individual needs based on a few consideration. 

From what I have found there is only one book that talks about anything close this subject. It is a small booklet titled “Stringcraft in 3D” and is Leisure Crafts 54 (from a series that as far as I can tell has 55 titles on various crafts) and is published Search Press London (so they call Plexiglas Perspex). If you know of any other books please let me know.

Step 1: Lighting Hardware

Is your lamp a lampshade, a hanging lamp, or even a sculpture. The hardware should be purchased first so that the string lamp can be build for it – remember the string lamp will be your custom design, the hardware will not. Lighting kits for all types of lamps can be purchased from home improvement stores or online but one of my favorite is from Ikea, the HEMMA. This series includes a cord that can be hung as well as table lamps that a string shade could be built for. While at Ikea resist the urge to just buy one of their lamps for you home…

My hardware is my Laurel lamp bases.

Nice! I wish I could see it with the light bulb on! Are there any pics of that? Thanks! <br>
Very good instructable and beautiful lamp. I'd love to see one done in clear plexiglass and fishing line, particularly the fishing line that fluoresces (sp?) in black light.
Thanks for a share your ideas
&nbsp;i really want to do this, you need to put the PDF file on this...
I you read down there is a EPS file at Thingiverse.com...<br />
&nbsp;and do a video of you wrapping the string around the plastic inside
That lamp is SWEET!<br />
dunno why, but all your steps title appeared as :<br /> <br /> Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:&quot;Table&hellip;<br /> <br /> on my desktop's firefox and my notebook's chromium......<br />
Great lamp - I kept seeing the code, till I realised that if I clicked on the pictures in turn at the top of the page I could the instructions for each step in full.<br /> <br />
I didn't think it was doing it to me but it totally is. When you click &quot;View All On One Page&quot; it's gone. What ever. Too bad.<br />
&nbsp;mine too...
&nbsp;hahaha. i actually have one of these. verry cool :D
Very neat - Just wish I could find that frame, I dont have a laser cutter :(<br />
you could do it by hand... not saying it's easy or quick, but doable...<br />
I just thought of this - <a href="http://www.ponoko.com/" rel="nofollow">Ponoko</a>. I have never used them but they may work for others without access to a laser cutter. <br />
Here it is on <a href="http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1540" rel="nofollow">Thingiverse As an EPS.</a><br />
Great job and well documented.&nbsp;<br />
.... you light up my life.&nbsp;<br /> What an awesome looking lamp!
Looks really cool, but could you upload patterns or laser cutter files? www.thingigverse.com could be a good choice...<br />
Nice project! Great first ible. Perhaps you could upload the files you sent to the laser cutter? And a link to the book if it's available online free (it might be if it's that old)<br />
&nbsp;I'll second Jayfuu's request to post the files! Put it up on Thingiverse.com and link it in!
Funky lamp, how does it look like with the light on?<br />
Well, I'm not sure - I need to wire the map base. But it has been my experince will most string lamps that they function as ambient lighting because they don't shade the bulb and it just like having a bare bulb as a light - yuk. so you have to have a very low wattage bulb so it glows. <br />
but still a great project !!!<br />

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