How to Make A Beautiful Origami Rose For Valentine's Day!

This video is a step by step tutorial on how to make an origami rose bouquet for your valentine. In the video I show you how to make a single rose with stems and leaves. To make it a bouquet, you will need to make several and tie them together with a rope, right along the base of the stem. Then wrap the stem in paper, and add a plastic wrapping as well if you prefer, and you should have your finished bouquet.

In my personal opinion, this is one of the easier roses to make, and takes hardly any effort or skills in origami. It also looks extremely beautiful. Have fun with the project :D!

For more vieos like this, check out my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/tommyclancygames?feature=mhee

TCGames do u have the link for this how to makeorigami rose for valentine's day?
Last Valentines day I made one of these and gave it to someone! Thanks!
You're welcome :D!