You know that place in the mall with the nummy orange drinks? Caesar's Crush is a rich and sweet cocktail inspired by a long day at the mall and everybody's favorite ancient Grecian, Julius Caesar (get it? Julius... trust me, the drink is better than the joke).

Important Note: This is a great drink to make for a date at home. A good drink comes with a good story. Spend a little time on Wikipedia and follow these random talking points.

Step 1: Get Prepared.

We're going for a certain taste, here. We want the orange-cream over-indulgence flavor of an Orange Julius.

Get what you need.

  1. Orange Crush
  2. 2 nips of Grand Marnier
  3. 2 nips of Vanilla Smirnoff (or Whipped Pinnacle, etc... you get the idea
  4. Triple Sec
  5. Jigger - or a way to measure an ounce
  6. 2 cocktail glasses
  7. The prettiest orange in the pile
  8. A cutting thing, knife is preferred
I'm 21 now so I'm definitely trying this. Also this is by far one of the funniest 'ibles I've read... *looks around and whispers "I like your shoelaces"* Hint: google it if that doesn't ring a bell and just sounds weird
<p>So glad you liked it :) I tried. Thank you.</p><p>And I've been out-memed. I had to Google that one. A shame upon my head. I shun myself. Shun.</p>
<p>Sounds like a great drink and your Instructable was fun to read :)</p>
<p>Glad you liked it! This was my first Instructable - I'm glad it turned out alright. :)</p>

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