Spark Plug Car




Introduction: Spark Plug Car

I made this in Shop at my school. I am entering this fun project in the epilogue contest. That laser cutter would help both me and my dad with out metal working and home renovations. Good luck to everyone

Step 1: Materials

- Oxy acetylene torch. Or a normal torch. - Old spark plug - Scrap metal - SAFTEY GEAR

Step 2: Making the Wheels and Axels

Take a small piece of coper wire and weld 2 small nuts on both ends. Then weld that to the front of your spark plug. Then do the same but with bigger nuts and weld that to the back of the spark plug.

Step 3: Now Customize the Top

Now take some scrap metal and do whatever you want to the top. I cut a small piece of metal and welded that to make it look like a mind shield. You could even take a screw and small nut and make it look like the drivers head. Have fun and be safe.



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