How to Make a Cool Laptop Bag





Introduction: How to Make a Cool Laptop Bag

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another way to recycle your old jeans



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    I made a similar bag about 3 years ago out of one of those old jeans that come up to your belly button, which made it deeper. I used the legs to make a shoulder strap. It's an excellent book bag but I don't have a laptop *yet*...

    its a good idea, but it needs a second layer atleast. the buttons and zippers and other thicker points make for concentrated pressure points if it ever gets crushed against something.

    I'm gonna do this with old Versace jeans i just dug out my old boxes! Its gonna look awesome! Thanks for sharing! :D

    Im very excited to try this one :D

    Oh I love it! I'm going to make one soon

    <3 A trip to the thrift shop for me to find large enough jeans.

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    For me its not large enough, its strong enough, my laptop is about 8 or 9 pounds, but it works great so i can't complain.

    I think this is a great idea, but unfortunately my waist isn't big enough for me to make one for my 17-inch widescreen laptop.

    ...Or maybe that's fortunately my waist isn't big enough...

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    UNfortunately mine is. lol.

    I'm sorry. you should use a bigscreen tv attached to a desktop computer as a laptop. then you'd feel like a twig!


    Wow that is a really good idea! May I ask, what is this song?

    Great video and project. I can't wait to use it! Of course, I could just be saying that because I have a Macbook and an iPod ;) Seriously though, great demo!

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    you could stick the ipod in one of the back pockets

    I feel bad for those of you whose jeans are not large enough for a laptop bag!!!! - Mine of course could be fashioned into a WEB SERVER BAG - Nice job Giannyl!!!!

    you could also use the bag for any of your other stuff if you don't have a laptop, or your jeans are too small for a laptop.

    its so funny dude how you LinuxH4x0r watch all the same videos as me and Giannyl nice job keep up the good work