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This fun and easy project was one recently featured at an Etsy team meet-up. These are great fun to make on a Saturday night. You will need:

1. Scissors
2. Embroidery Thread
3. Fingers
4. Time
5. Ruler (optional)

Perfect for you and a friend to do.

Step 1: Pick your colors

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Pick any 6 colors that appeal to you. Generally people will mix and match warm and cool colors. Purple is both a warm and cool color. You can find embrodiery thread in any arts and craft store. I like to use DMC cotton thread as it holds up and is very durable. You can find it at Michaels (where we got ours). I like Michaels because they have such great coupons. In general, with 6 colors, you can make 10 bracelets. This is a great sleepover or BBFs project.

Warm Colors Are:
Pink Red

Cool Colors Are:
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