Picture of How to Make A Hexafish
I will be teaching you how to make a hexafish
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Step 1: What You'll Need

Picture of What You'll Need
You will need
• a loom
• crochet hook
•some elastics

Step 2: First

Picture of First
13, 9:16 PM.jpg
13, 9:17 PM.jpg
13, 9:16 PM.jpg
Place on last two pegs then grab back one and pull to upper left peg now pull the other one like the third picture and it should look like this

Step 3: Second

Picture of Second
Next add rubber band like this

Step 4: Second ||

Picture of Second ||
13, 9:16 PM.jpg
13, 9:16 PM.jpg
13, 9:16 PM.jpg
Take the bottom right with your hook and put it over the color above do the same with the bottom left top right and top left

Step 5: Third

Picture of Third
Add another rubber band and do the last step again

Step 6: Fourth

Continue steps two and three until long enough

Step 7: Last

When done put the bottom left corner rubber band on the top right corner then do the same with the bottom right and top left

Step 8:

Then put a s or c clip on the begging and end of the braclet
Abcomer4 months ago
It's a chevron not a hexafish
jenise20001 year ago
This is a clear instructions cool but the problem is the bands end up pulled to tight and they snap easily

Thats a Chevron not a Hexafish.

ngarcia161 year ago
How do you make triple single rabow loom
This is so cool! It's hard to find Instructables on these with clear pictures. Great first Instructables!