Picture of How to Make A Mermaid Tail for Swimming
Make a swimmable mermaid tail in three easy steps. You'll need pattern paper, swim fabric and elastic, and a monofin.
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Step 1: Trace the Pattern

Picture of Trace the Pattern
Trace around the lower body from belly button level to toe tips. Use any paper large enough such as pattern paper, postal paper, or a cut-open paper bag.

Line up the monofin with the toe area and trace to complete the pattern.

Add 1 inch allowance around the trace line for a child or 2+ inches for an adult.

Step 2: Cut Out the Swim Tail

Picture of Cut Out the Swim Tail
Fold the fabric front sides together. Pin the pattern to the fabric. Cut out the pattern, adding room (about 2 inches) at the top for the elastic casing.

Step 3: Sew the Swim Tail

Picture of Sew the Swim Tail
Pin the two sides of fabric front sides together and sew around the sides and bottom edges.

Fold down the top and sew a casing for the elastic. Measure the elastic to fit snugly around the waist, insert into the casing, and finish.

Insert the monofin into the swim tail. It's ready for swimming.

Step 4: Safety Tips for Mermaid Style Swimming

Picture of Safety Tips for Mermaid Style Swimming
Use only with adult supervision. Always attend young or inexperienced swimmers.

Use core muscles to swim like a dolphin. Practice sweeping the tail forward to place the feet on the pool bottom to regain a standing position at any time.

The tail should slide on and off easily. Make the elastic tight enough to stay on, but loose enough to easily slide down to free the legs and feet.

Step 5: Video

Here you'll see my youngest daughter using her mermaid tail with a floating ring. She's older now and more experienced with her tail. However, with responsible supervision, even very young children can have fun being a mermaid.
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ajfonz17 days ago

I love this idea so I tried to make a tail for my daughter. I sewed the tail on both sides and the bottom like insturcted but when I tried to insert the monofin I could not get it in without tearing the fabric. Is there a trick to it? The fabric I used was stretchy swim suit fabric.

msaraann (author)  ajfonz3 days ago

I was able to fold the fin to slide it thru the waist opening.

Can you make it with flippers?
msaraann (author)  fluffernutter 36050003 months ago
Yes. Lay them out in place of the monofin.
Ok, thanks!

OMG this is so cool I love sewing so I have to make one of these. (BEST IDEA EVER)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kletourneaux6 months ago
by the way my name is catrina what is yours :-)
msaraann (author)  kletourneaux5 months ago
I'm Sara : )
MelissaL66 months ago

This looks really great! Have you made one that is "walkable" - open on the end? Or do you have instructions on that variation?

msaraann (author)  MelissaL65 months ago
My kids sometimes take out the monofin and shuffle around. I haven't tried leaving the bottom open, but that would be easy enough. You just wouldn't sew it. Swim fabric doesn't fray, but you could hem or surge the edges if you wanted.
autumn116 months ago

how much are they because my daughter once one

msaraann (author)  autumn115 months ago
I've seen these tails listed for $100, but they're easy to make for much less. The monofin is the most expensive part at about $30.
How mutch is the monofin? Where did you get the monofin?
msaraann (author)  fluffernutter 36050005 months ago
The monofin costs about $30. You can find it on Amazon or through the FINIS website.
kletourneaux6 months ago
hi there I'm 10 and my mom is going to make my tail from your video
mermaidHannah7 months ago

I'm making this tail with your tutorial and i think it will work great! One question, where did you get your fabric?

msaraann (author)  mermaidHannah7 months ago
I found swim fabric on ebay.
Coolcat355218 months ago


hi, video is ace looks easy enough {she says full of optimism } thanks for doing it ,material bought,, fin arrived today template done , keep your fingers crossed for me

hi, video is ace looks easy enough {she says full of optimism } thanks for doing it ,material bought,, fin arrived today template done , keep your fingers crossed for me

hi, video is ace looks easy enough {she says full of optimism } thanks for doing it ,material bought,, fin arrived today template done , keep your fingers crossed for me

leda.kliesing11 months ago

is the body all one piece or are the fins separate for easy on and off?

msaraann (author)  leda.kliesing11 months ago
It's all one piece. Pulls on like pants.
Mike9Nina11 months ago

I MADE IT on Monday night! My daughter's birthday was Tuesday. It was so simple to make... thanks to your detailed instructions. Thanks so much. I ended up using the scrap pieces along with an old swimsuit to make a matching top for her. Huge success! Really easy to make and at least 1/2 the cost of the websites selling these retails.

4Password1 year ago
I mean tail
msaraann (author)  4Password1 year ago
I got the fin thru Amazon. It's made by a company called FINIS. They have a website too. You can find the FINIS mermaid monofins at many online stores. Just search for mermaid tail or monofin.
4Password1 year ago
We're did you get the fine
vacroom2 years ago
We're do you get the tail part
msaraann (author)  vacroom2 years ago
I found several on Amazon.com or you could go to the FINIS website. You can go to a search engine and search for FINIS mermaid monofin. You'll find it for sale at many places.
bratybrat112 years ago
Is their an easier way?
msaraann (author)  bratybrat112 years ago
You could buy a pattern. Child sizes: Size 8-10. Size 5-7.
this idea is amazing i could do it myself anyway.

i want to make my own mermaid tail because i am totally obsessed with mermaid especially h20

msaraann (author) 5 years ago
Greetings everyone. I'm the one who put up this DIY mermaid tail. Similar tails are available commercially (I'm not affiliated with the company). (Check out Mermagica.com for videos of children swimming underwater mermaid-style in mermaid tails--Very cool!)

Some people allow fear to guide them, while others primarily follow joy. I try to live somewhere in between. Getting in the water with this mermaid tail (and any pool or water use, really), certainly warrants caution and care. My young daughters and I have had a lot of fun learning and experimenting with this style of swimming.

There's also a video series on Youtube, "The Secret Life of a Mermaid," which features girls wearing mermaid swimming tails. Check it out for more ideas on swimming with these tails.

where can you but a mermaid tail that is already made?
msaraann (author)  purplemermaid7453 years ago
Here are a couple of places:


Also 2tails.com it's a new place $100 for adult tails with monofin
i would love to have a tail
try 2tails.com they have them for $100.00 for adults
Can u pladvise where you get the fin from ie. the bottom bit you put your feet in. Thanks.Jessie
msaraann (author)  jessiehughes3 years ago
Hi Jessie. I ordered directly from the manufacturer, FINIS http://www.finisinc.com/mermaid-fin.html. I've also seen the mermaid monofin on Amazon and other swim outlet websites.
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