Picture of How to Make Paper Flowers
Origami is the japanese art of paper folding. It's an art form not many have the patience to master, but once you learn to create beautiful shapes from a simple paper, you can impress friends and family with your art.

I'm gonna teach you how to make an origami flower, simple to make and with a beautiful result.

It might take some patience, since origami requires some pretty exact folds, but once you finally master it, I guarantee you that you will know how to make something thats a great gift, an uncommon talent, and a good little talent to show people.

This origami flower can help you master other origami forms, since its got some complex forms made through simple folding.

Hope you enjoy!
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Step 1: What You'll Need

Picture of What You'll Need
What you'll need to make the flower is a piece of square paper.

It doesn't need to be origami paper, the only thing that maters is that its square.

If you don't have a square piece of paper don't worry you can make one with

*A Piece of Printer Paper


*A Ruler

*A Pencil

Step 2: If You Don't Have Square Paper ...

Picture of If You Don't Have Square Paper ...
second fold.JPG
If You Don't have square paper then do the following

  • Take the printer paper

*Take a flap and fold it like shown in the first and second pictures

*Use a pencil to mark the line that was made between the triangle and the rectangle

*Using scissors, cut along the line

Voila there you have a square!

Step 3: First Fold

Picture of First Fold
third fold.JPG
fourth fold.JPG
Have the color you want to have on the outside of the flower facing upwards.

Fold the paper in half forming a rectangle.

Step 4: Fold Sideways

Picture of Fold Sideways
fifth fold.JPG
Fold it sideways now. Look at the pictures

You should end up having a small square

Step 5: Fourth Fold

Picture of Fourth Fold
Now this is where it starts getting tricky

Take a flap and open up a half of the square.

Flatten the square into a triangle.

Again please Look at the Pictures

Step 6: Flatten the other square

Picture of Flatten the other square
Now Flatten the other square

Step 7: First Actual Fold

Picture of First Actual Fold
By now you shoud have a triangle.

Take one flap and flatten it.

Try to align the creases, that way the flower will come out symmetrical

Step 8: Crease

Picture of Crease
seventh fold 2.JPG
Take the flaps from the diamond shape created and fold them to the line.

Then unfold them to make a crease.

Note: Crease means to mark the shape
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Thergox2 years ago
I don't mean to be rude, but you seem to leave out some valuable information -- and also perform this flower in a much more difficult way than it has to be. . . At this point, all of my Instructables are origami (Mainly because I used up all my supplies for the really cool things), and I hope you will not take offense if I decide to make my own Instructable for this same/similar model. . .

Oh, and this piece is commonly referred to as an "Iris". I didn't really read the whole thing through, so I'm not sure if you went over that already. . .
St Jimmy3 years ago
I can understand the confusion for some, and I will say this: Origami Instructables are difficult to make, and often difficult to follow. Although I haven't made one (for the above reason) I am very familiar with origami. This is one of the better 'ibles I've seen, but I still say a video is the way to go if you want to make an origami 'ible. Good Job!
fezick3 years ago
Completed and thank you. The only step that hung me up was step 9 but a little bit of reasoning and I sorted it out.

Thanks again!
esegura33 years ago
Ummm it sota get hard here........
artimon43 years ago
fred19703 years ago
dude ur missing a step
Tappers4 years ago
how do u do it again on the 3 and 4 fold???????????
aaron10465 years ago
Hard set,,
Start folding it from the pointy side at the top down words, makes it easyer
ga99064 years ago
i dont know this step do you thinku can explain me more please
smelina12135 years ago
after i do the second one i dont know how to do the 3rd and 4th
xander1095 years ago
I found this very easy to follow.  It took me a few rewinds of the vid for step 8, but other than that, very simple.
Got it. After you unfold the tiny flaps from step 8, take the very bottom tip of that central piece and fold it all the way up to the top tip. While you do this, the paper should form a sort of awkward cup shape, flatten the sides of that "cup" down so they meet in the middle.

Unfold step 8
Tip to tip
Flatten the sides so they meet in the middle (Will look like picture 4)
*Reads directions*
"God dammit."
Morrighan5 years ago
This type of flower is called "Iris", it will look better if you dimple the petals with scissors. You can paste it a stem and paint it using a spray.

Sorry, I know my english is not very cool. :D
let me save you. Its not from this site.... BUT IT HELPED ME!!!!!
hey. no offense, but you should try to explain a little more. i tried this and it was so hard i had to go to a different site.
Keith-Kid (author)  Ilikefries3345 years ago
Look at all the pictures carefully so you can see what I mean in this step....
Darren.5 years ago
sham975 years ago
Thanks keith kid...i have done it...By the way thanks Its so easy once you know already!
chalachi sham975 years ago
Dude this is like so hard i mean we are making this from skool .can you please send it to us`lol we should send you our finished project it is so dum........alwaez waz!#@$*&
MaslenRox35 years ago
everyone u have to undo the mini flaps u made on the diamond then fold it down and it should look like pic #4
how did u get this tell us ur secret
can you make a video please
dsvenson5 years ago
A pic needs added between #3 and #4.
Darkot5 years ago
ooooooooooo i get it now, all you have to do is fold the bottom point to the top point and use the creases to follow the instructions, gr8 flower desgin!
Darkot5 years ago
xD ive tried this a million times (paper all over my room) and i cant get it, could you add a bit more detail in the text plz, ty :)
donaoh5 years ago
this is incredibly confusing.
badg1rl02115 years ago
MAKE A VEDIO PLZ I AM REALLY STUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
smrichar5 years ago
Please make a am I supposed to impress my girl if i don't understand. Good directions, but I keep getting stuck on step 9
hayley095 years ago
i can't under stand what to do :(
abbyluw5 years ago
can you give a little more help with this part it always gets me
Keith-Kid (author)  abbyluw5 years ago
Sorry, I'm making a video that'll hopefully make it easier to understand, and also taking better pictures. This part is very easy, look carefully at the pics.
steveoath5 years ago
Tricky! But managed my first tonight!!! Was stumped at step 8 for ages.... didn't realise you meant to fold the creases then unfold them. Cheers, Steve
Keith-Kid (author)  steveoath5 years ago
You might just be the first person to actually get it right. I realize this is a bit confusing, and I'm gonna redo this entire instructable, but I'm busy with finals this month, so its gonna have to wait. When you finally manage to get it right, its a great feeling. It took me about 20 tires to get one right, end even that one was crooked and not symmetrical.....
luke17cool5 years ago
please could u post a video, i kindaa need to make those flowers for my art exam.
Simon70565 years ago
please explain step 7 in more detail please
Keith-Kid (author)  Simon70565 years ago
This is causing a lot of confusion, I'll post a video eventually...
do you think that you oculd make take some better pictures for step 9? i can't get it right and i was going to make one of these for my girlfriend... maybe some side views?
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