Step 9: The trickiest Part

Picture of The trickiest Part
OK Now this is the trickiest part of the flower so you might want to look at the pictures a couple of times to understand.

Lift the bottom flap (the point of the diamond shape) up.

Fatten it making sure that the bottom flap stays over the top flap. Like I said You might want to take an extra look at the pictures.
fred19704 years ago
dude ur missing a step
Got it. After you unfold the tiny flaps from step 8, take the very bottom tip of that central piece and fold it all the way up to the top tip. While you do this, the paper should form a sort of awkward cup shape, flatten the sides of that "cup" down so they meet in the middle.

Unfold step 8
Tip to tip
Flatten the sides so they meet in the middle (Will look like picture 4)
let me save you. Its not from this site.... BUT IT HELPED ME!!!!! www.wonderhowto.com/how-to/video/how-to-origami-a-lilly-78286/
MaslenRox36 years ago
everyone u have to undo the mini flaps u made on the diamond then fold it down and it should look like pic #4
how did u get this tell us ur secret
dsvenson6 years ago
A pic needs added between #3 and #4.
Darkot6 years ago
ooooooooooo i get it now, all you have to do is fold the bottom point to the top point and use the creases to follow the instructions, gr8 flower desgin!
Darkot6 years ago
xD ive tried this a million times (paper all over my room) and i cant get it, could you add a bit more detail in the text plz, ty :)
donaoh6 years ago
this is incredibly confusing.
badg1rl02116 years ago
MAKE A VEDIO PLZ I AM REALLY STUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
luke17cool6 years ago
please could u post a video, i kindaa need to make those flowers for my art exam.
Simon70566 years ago
please explain step 7 in more detail please
Keith-Kid (author)  Simon70566 years ago
This is causing a lot of confusion, I'll post a video eventually...
Seth_Tokoro6 years ago
Agh, I don't understand this part, i've been staring at it for a really long time. I just simply can't do it but still, thanks for uploading this :)
Keith-Kid (author)  Seth_Tokoro6 years ago
Keep trying!!!! I might make a video some other time....
rbisson96 years ago
Where did you upload the video? This is so confusing!!
Keith-Kid (author)  rbisson96 years ago
I haven't made a video yet. I will. Someday.....hopefully....
m1n1j1mmy6 years ago
hello can you upload a video for step no.9 please
Keith-Kid (author)  m1n1j1mmy6 years ago
Good idea! Ill make a video!