How to Make a Pen Rocket





Introduction: How to Make a Pen Rocket

Step 1: Tools and Supply's

Hot glue gun, Pen, Vise grips, Pencil, Craft knife or scissors, Card board, Butane/liter fluid, Lighter, Bug spray, Level launch pad

Step 2: Deconstructing Your Pen

Take the vise grips and gently squeeze the the top of the pen around the top untill the end opens unuff so that you can stick the tip of the pencil in it Or if u have a plastic one take the tip off the pen and loosen the top of the pen then jam a hard piece of wood or something in it so the top comes off. Take out the ink cartridge and you should be left with a empty pen casing.

Step 3: Fins

Take a piece of cardboard and cut 1 1/2 - 2 inches down then on a about 37' degree angle. Cut out 4 of these

Step 4: Your Fuel

Take your bug spray and spray a quick squirt of it in the tube. Then take your lighter and hold down the gas button that released the butane for 30 seconds. Shake well and light off OUTSIDE!!! I realize I am missing a fin



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    what do you mean by spray the butane in it when it has bug spray already

    Well there went my bar-be-Q

    how high does it go