How to Make a Realistic (Paper) Naruto Kunai!





Introduction: How to Make a Realistic (Paper) Naruto Kunai!

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How to Make a(realistic looking) Naruto Kunai! - Super cheap and extremely easy to make!

Designed by: Unknown (If you know, please inform me!)

What you will need:

1) Kunai printable template
2) Pencil/pen
3) tape or a cloth for the handle
4) Some sort of ring for the back
5) Glue
6) Paint
To get a cut out for the kunai, visit the following site:

A Word of Caution:
Be very careful playing with the kunai. The Tip is very sharp and can take out an eye. Do not throw it at anyone, remember, there is a pencil/pen inside it. Also, after painting it, it looks fairly real, especially from a distance, so avoid using it outside the house! Other than that, have fun!

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Cómo hacer un realista (Paper) Naruto Kunai!


एक यथार्थवादी (कागज) नारुतो Kunai बनाने के लिए!



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