Picture of How to Make A Rocket Engine

Here is a simple method of making a small rocket engine using simple household materials. If your unclear on how to make it, (IT IS PRETTY DIFFICULT) watch the video which clarifies a lot. :)

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Made By Manish Kumar
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
A-4 Paper (8 by 10 Inches)
Paper Cutter

Step 2: Lighter

Picture of Lighter
Make sure that the lighter you are using has great flamage. Like the one I used as seen in the picture.

Step 3:

Follow the Picture Notes and you will be on your way. :)

Step 4: Keep Going

Picture of Keep Going

Step 5: Carry On


Picture of WE ARE DONE
Blow into the Hole made and you get a small cube kind of structure.

Step 7: Fuelling the Rocket.

Picture of Fuelling the Rocket.
Fill the hole with gas. This can be done by pressing the lighter button thingy halfly. And then ignite it and your rocket is ready.

Step 8: Diagram

Picture of Diagram
Or you can even use the diagram given to make it. However at Step 12, you still have to cut a small piece off. 

Credits : Origami Club
AndyGadget3 years ago
I'd forgotten all about those - Haven't made one for years.
I'll make one to impress the kids tomorrow.