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This is a fun craft night project, with Spoonflower giving away free fat quarters for the Etsy Night of Craft, you can make your own custom designed shop apron for roughly the cost of shipping. How Awesome is that? The coupon code is: EtsyParty12. You can also make your apron from any left-over fabric laying around your sewing room. This is a great project because it requires very little time, money, or skill level, but the finished project is super cute. Since we did this as a team meeting, you will get to see lots of different group members demonstrating the various steps. Thanks guys!

You will need:

1 yard of ribbon (3 feet/1 meter)
Fat Quarter
E600 Industrial Glue or any fast acting fabric glue
Spare Fabric if you want to make extras
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Step 1: Cut the Ribbon and Fabric Out

Picture of Cut the Ribbon and Fabric Out
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Cut out the ribbon and fabric. The ribbon should be long enough to comfortably tie around your waist without problems and the fabric should be wide enough to fit across your front. A lot of the guys liked to hold the fabric up to their bodies to measure the actual width for a custom fit.

Step 2: Lay the Fabric Out and Place the Ribbon On Top- Gluing

Picture of Lay the Fabric Out and Place the Ribbon On Top- Gluing
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Gentleman....start your engines...a little bit of glue never hurt anyone.

Step 3: Customize your apron!

Picture of Customize your apron!
This part is the fun part! You can draw on fabric with any basic sharpie pen. So pick up that pen and start making! You can also add glitter, extra fabric, and other ideas, etc.


You have a custom apron for your craft nights!
scoochmaroo2 years ago
What a fantastic giveaway from Spoonflower!
Haus Page (author)  scoochmaroo2 years ago
Yes, it is. We have roughly a dozen fun crafts like this from our craft night last week. I'm trying to go through the roughly 1,000 photos and put them into Instructables with coupon codes for a Guide so our members can enjoy the savings. Still trying to figure out the Guide part. Wish I had more experience using the sight.
Haus Page (author)  Haus Page2 years ago
Oops, I meant site. Let me know if you know anything about how to make guides. I read the directions and made an unpublished guide, but don't see how to add actual instructable links to the guide itself which was the point in the first place of doing these. ;-)
I can help with that! PM me.
Haus Page (author)  scoochmaroo2 years ago
Thanks, posted up the guide. Hope this helps some people. We had so much fun at this event.
Kiteman2 years ago
Can we see a finished example?
Haus Page (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
I posted up a couple of pics of me wearing mine for you. Nothing fancy, but you get the idea. Everyone in the group was able to make one which was awesome. Mine is pretty plain, but some people's were over the top awesome. Need to take more pictures next time.
Cool, good job!
Haus Page (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
Sure, let me look through the photos and grab some people wearing theirs. There's a finished example in the first pic, but maybe it's not very clear. :-)