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This is my experience in making a Batmobile Transformer Costume.  Total material cost for this project was a little over $150.  It took 2 months of planning and 1 month of construction to finish so make sure you are serious about a costume like this before you start.

Step 1: Pre-Design Phase

The first thing you have to do is decide what you are going to transform into.  I chose the Batmobile Tumbler.  It is easier to start with the vehicle form first, then figure out where things are going to move and what your robot form will look like.

Fewer moving parts will make things much easier on you.  Try to get a general idea of where your head will be, what position you will be in when you are transformed, where pieces might be attached, etc.  You can never be too prepared.

Make sketches to help you visualize it.  Be very creative but just don't go too overboard with  the moving pieces.

<p>its to loose on your legs but looks good goodjob</p>
Amazing. Very creative and I like the design.
Coolest costume, ever. If I had the patience and skill to actually go through the computer design process I would totally attempt this.
&nbsp;I have NEVER seen anything like this. NEVER EVER.
I see it, but cant believe it!!!!!!<br /> <br /> DestructableMind *LIKES&quot; it&nbsp;<br />
a transforming Batmobile!? i love it
I&nbsp;know the transformation should be faster, but all the manual moveing parts slow it way down.
Cool! Awesome!<br /> <br /> However, I'd be off to South America with the energon cubes, or asleep from boredom, by the time his &quot;transformation&quot; was complete. LOL<br /> <br /> Keep up the good work.<br />
AWESOME!!!!<br />
&nbsp;wow. thats incredible. woot all my 5 r belong to this! lol
WOW... &nbsp;That is an awesome costume... ~!
This is so cool! Two great things in one costume! So cool!<br />
&nbsp;Pretty cool. &nbsp;I can appreciate all the work that went into this.
Transformers <em>and</em> Batman?!....<br /> <br /> Whoa... I think my mind was just blown<br />

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