Picture of How to Make A Turkey with Mixer
mixer pack_01.jpg
This is a Turkey made of Grove Mixer Pack and clay. It would shot and shake when you press its head.
Mixer is a tool or toy helping you build your project quickly and easy.
Watch the VIDEO first.
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Step 1: Materials and tools

Picture of Materials and tools
Below is all you need to finish this work:
1.Grove Mixer Pack
   (Buzzer, Verberration, USB Power, Amplifer, Branch, Grove Cable)
2.Grove - Touch Sensor
3.Super Clay
4.Mini USB Cable

Step 2: Build the core of turkey

Picture of Build the core of turkey
The vibration would shake and the buzzer would shout while touching touch sensor. So let's build the frame of this function as the picture shows.

Step 3: Make it a block with tape

Picture of Make it a block with tape
2013-09-24 151905.jpg
Fold these three green boxes and fix them with tape. And make sure USB power is at the bottom.

Step 4: Build a body with super clay

Picture of Build a body with super clay
2013-09-24 165154.jpg
2013-09-24 170446.jpg
2013-09-24 175348.jpg
Cover the boxes with super clay and make sure that the USB jack is easy to plug in. And fold the line of vibration and touch sensor to make it a little shorter with tape. As the picture shows, touch sensor would be inside the head and vibration would be inside the tail, and mini USB jack...

Step 5: Improve the body of turkey

Picture of Improve the body of turkey
2013-09-25 114451.jpg
2013-09-25 150209.jpg
2013-09-25 161011.jpg
As the picture shows, try your best to give the turkey a round head, a yellow belly and beak, a pair of wings, a pair of lovely eyes and a lot of feather like fire, and a piece of scarf. Make it sure the USB jack is easy to plug in.

Step 6: Give it a hat

Picture of Give it a hat
Finally, give a hat to this small turkey.
I didnt know about these circuit bundles - thank's for the share.
FollowMyJump (author)  audreyobscura1 year ago
This is a circuit without programming,just using input signal to control output signal with logic modular like AND, NOT, OR.