Step 9: Folding the Parachute

Fold the parachute in half horizontally and then again vertically. Fold the parachute into vertical triangles. After it is the thinnest you can make it, fold it in half horizontally. Place the tennis ball, followed by the parachute in the bottom of the bottle rocket.
<p>it did not work</p>
<p>thank you for the water rocket instruction</p>
<p>to me it looks like big orange thing in middle is only slowing the rocket down, not stabilising it.</p>
<p>how is this launched?</p><p>do you need a cork/bung for the lower bottle cap in which to place a pump?</p>
<p>duz nut wok</p>
I'm thinking that a bigger problem that the big orange thing killing stability and causing drag is the fact that the author neglects to mention anything about how to hook up an air pump. You can pump as much as you want, but if the pump isn't attached to the rocket somehow, it's not going to get much thrust.
I don't think that great big orange thing is going to help with stability or reduction of drag.
Same here <br>

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