Picture of Zerg Hydralisk Origami
If you play StarCraft or WarCraft DoTA (Defence of the Ancients), you will recognize this creature. In Starcraft this creature called Zerg Hydralisk, a predator and carnivorous alien creature. In WarCraft DoTA, this creature's name is Lesale Deathbringer or best known as the Venomancer, which is very expert on venom and poisons. Now I've created it's origami model.
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Step 1: : Materials

Picture of : Materials
The material for this project is just a sheet of paper. Size of the paper doesn't matter. I suggest 150 150 mm. Use brown-colored papers, you can also use orange-colored papers but light brown's the best.

Step 2: : Basic Steps

Picture of : Basic Steps
First, fold the paper half. Then fold it half again. Open model. Fold down 1/4 of the paper. Unfold. Then Fold down 1/8 of the paper. Fold down the side layers to the center of the line. Pull the point of the paper, then squash fold.

Step 3: : Head's Down!

Picture of : Head's Down!
Fold up the preliminary base. So it is looks like a half-finished bird base. Fold down. Sink fold the tip of it (just a bit, not much). Fold it up again. Fold down the tip of it again. The fold the side to the center line (so it's looks like a kite). Fold down the 'head' exactly as the line that's created by the two folded sides. Open the two sides, keep the 'head' folded down.

Step 4: : Forming the Neck

Picture of : Forming the Neck
Fold the sides to the center just like when you're making the head. Pull the point and squash fold. Then fold up (just like the head). Now gently, pull the jaw down ( Pull it until it cannot be pulled anymore). Fold it to form the jaw. Fold down the head.

Step 5: : Hardest Part : Claws

Picture of : Hardest Part : Claws
Valley fold the left side. then fold down half of it. Reverse mountain fold it. Then fold up the arm, fold down the layer down. Fold down the arm. Open the upper layer. 'Insert' the tip layer into it. Repeat on the other side.
patbking1 year ago

do you think you could make the four legged protos oragami for me please

the dragoons


i dont understand dude :S
w1l50n1404 (author)  BlackSD_Colour4 years ago
try watching the video?
REA4 years ago
Zerg rush! kekekekekeke ^_____________^
okay, I got lost at the jaw part. xD. You might wanna use macro on your camera next time
kerenel5 years ago
Very nice idea, but its too often hard to follow instructions.. Try adding arrows on your photos (even in MS Paint) to help us understand.. The claws really needs some work in order to be easily understood. And again - Great idea! You'll get your instructables skills high soon enough :)
w1l50n1404 (author)  kerenel5 years ago
Nice idea, man. Thanks, I'll try work out on that and probably I'll make a video of this one. But, yeah, I'm an easily-forgetting guy and I'm quite busy right now, so please remind me, send me message or so. Thanks once again
rdlazar965 years ago
 Could you explain how you got from the last picture on step 1 to the first picture here. I don't know a thing about origami, and there are many others, so, please, make it more descriptive
cinamun5 years ago
It's too bad in starcfart 2 that they changed the way the hydralisk looks. go to http://starcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Hydralisk and you can see it, as well as lot of other stuff in starcfart 2. They are actually making 3 games, each with a differint campaing, but all have muliplayer with all 3 races.
Nice concept but some of the instructions are hard to follow... especially when you get to the claws and then at the end.
w1l50n1404 (author)  Pull and Twist6 years ago
Okay.. I really got some problems on describing every steps on my origami.. Because every origami I've learned there is no specific descriptions, there's only pictures and symbols.. I'm really sorry about that, I'll try to correct that
kibbler6 years ago
w1l50n1404 (author)  kibbler6 years ago
Yeah, StarCraft is a strategy offline game (But it can go online, i guess). So it's about a group of humans (named Terran)that explores galactic planet but they eventually get attacked by predator alien (Which means Zerg). They keep fighting and making war untill the Terran allied with the alien Protoss and end the Zerg colony on that planet.(That's the story of StarCraft 1, I haven't play StarCraft 2 yet.)
That is because it isn't out yet. There is an expansion, however.
w1l50n1404 (author)  Landon Sullivan6 years ago
Not yet? I see..
If you go to Gamestop and look for a game called Starcraft: Brood War, that is the expansion. Or you could go the illegal way and use a bitorrent.
clephtis6 years ago
Love the amount of pictures you put in, but could you be a little more descriptive? I don't know anything about origami, so I was lost bye the third step.
I saw this on DeviantArt. Would you happen to have posted it on there as well?
w1l50n1404 (author)  Aburame Shino6 years ago
Yeah, sure! I saw it too! They were more expert than me!
jpond0096 years ago
I must say, this is one of the coolest origami projects I have seen in a long time! I love Star Craft, (anxiously awaiting the new one) and this Hydralisk is SO cool.
w1l50n1404 (author)  jpond0096 years ago
Wow! That's great! I love playing Star Craft too! I've been searching for Star Craft 2 but I couldn't find it! Maybe after this damned exam, I'll continue on my search! Honestly, I miss all those things, Protoss, Zealot, Interceptor, Zergs, Mutalisk, Ultralisk, Terran, Goliath, Wraith, Battle Cruiser.....
w1l50n1404 (author) 6 years ago
Thanks for all of your comment. Really. It's just my imagination that can create this model. But it takes a week to finish this model. I can't really finish it in a short time. I got an exam this week
bigpinecone6 years ago
Cool. I'll have to save this one for later.
Arkarinum6 years ago
Alcreion6 years ago
Awesome, great idea! How do you come up with origami ideas like this?