How to Make AIR CONDITIONER at Home Using Plastic Bottle and Old Fan





Introduction: How to Make AIR CONDITIONER at Home Using Plastic Bottle and Old Fan

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Hello Readers this is really very simple and cool Science project to make with your old fan and couple of used juice bottles,interesting part here is it pours cool air and cools your room in less time.Continue reading,if you have any suggestions let me know it in comments :)

Step 1: Hate Reading Then Jump to Video!!!

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Step 2: Lets Begin

  1. Bottle is cut at its bottom(This part becomes lid to fill ice)
  2. Holes are made around the bottle
  3. Attached behind the fan using wires(be sure to pull out fan power cord from socket for safety!!)

Step 3: Finishing Up

  • Drop cubes of ice inside the bottle
  • Don't fill above the level were holes where were made
  • Put in power cord to the socket
  • Switch on the fan
  • Be sure that there is no leakage from water bottle

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    Great idea!! It was extremely hot this last summer. Looking forward to trying this, this summer. Thanks for the ingenuity.

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    You are welcome ..keep supporting us