Picture of How to Make Basic Paper Airplane

here,i make this is simply this is same to jet airplane.Here how to make step by step .

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Step 1: Paper

Picture of Paper
2013-02-24 14.19.01.jpg
2013-02-24 14.19.42.jpg
get your one paper and make you four how to piece see the imges

Step 2: Thrith step

Picture of thrith step
2013-02-24 14.21.01.jpg
2013-02-24 14.23.16.jpg
2013-02-24 14.23.29.jpg
2013-02-24 14.23.50.jpg
2013-02-24 14.24.06.jpg
Fold all the points to the middle and Just follow the pics, I just don't know how to explain this.You will end up with the first picture in this step. Just fold the top-triangle to the back, and then turn the whole thing around.

Step 3: Piece finish

Picture of piece finish
The finished piece!!! You will have to repeat all the steps 4 times extra and than continue to the next step.

Step 4: See the picture

Put them together in the way the pictures show you.and last one piece paper (you see the picture) and you make that.

Step 5: Done.

Picture of Done.
done . nice looking for airplane.
delonzo1 year ago
Can it fly
Niraj.Deshmukh (author)  delonzo1 year ago
really?? amzing?