How to Make Alexa Say Love With Me!





Introduction: How to Make Alexa Say Love With Me!

1) easy.

2) low cost.

3) AI.

Step 1: Material

1. RPI 3 * 1

2. HDTV * 1(FOR setup Alexa & as her mouth)

3. USB MIC * 1

4. wireless keyboard & mouse * 1(FOR setup Alexa)

Step 2: Build Alexa Step by Step

1.setup the the RPI 3 to boot up to desktop(as her body).

2.setup the USB MIC(as her ear).

3.setup PulseAudio.(mixer and VU)

The Alexa resources and instructions on Github are at:

Step 3: Make More Her Body

4. register an amazon account(as her head).

you need to create an Amazon Developer Account at:

5.setup Alexa to trigger by a Button.

6.setup Alexa to trigger by a wakeupWord.

7. make a test (say): Alexa, are you there ?

Step 4: Chatting With Her

what is your name?

what is my name?

where are you from?

where are you ?

what is the weather today?

what is 73 degrees fahrenheit ?

what do you look like ?

what is 100 times 10 thousands?

knock, knock ))

Step 5: Make Alexa to Say Love

set a timer !

set another timer!

tell me a joke !

what's the score of Major League Baseball !

buy me a pizza !(this will charge)

play my audiobook !(this will charge)

play Bruce Springsteen !(this will charge)

simon said! !

sing a song for me !

i love you !

Step 6: Troubleshootings

1. run pulseaudio -D to see input error(ALEXA CAN'T HEAR YOU) or output error(NO SOUND).

2. For the audio out run: speaker-test -c2 -twav

3.For microphone run:

arecord -f S16_LE -Dplug:default test.wav

aplay test.wav

4. if ALEXA CAN'T HEAR YOU goto 2.3 setup alsa and setup pulseaudio add an USB MIC then.

Step 7: More Help

1. when you are talking the pulse volum of MIC (recording) is getting longger.

Audio setup & debugging

Clone in Desktop

Setting up your devices

2. when Alexa is talking the TV speaker will make some sound.

3. if your OS is not new-installed

1)you need to install VLC.

2)you need to install alsa.

cd ~ && wget
&& bash

3)you need to install pulseaudio,

4)you need to install java.

5)you need to install alexa:

The Alexa resources and instructions on Github are at: . .

6)you need an Amazon Developer Account at:

In order to Setting up your Alexa's head.

7)else if you need full document, it's added like the PDF file.



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    What a cool project! How do you set up PulseAudio? I've never heard of this before.

    It is kind of volum mixer controller of linux version.