Step 6: Making (and Painting) the Latex Headpiece

Click on the pictures (on the little 'i' in the top left corner) to get to a bigger image, so you can read the full instructions within the comic!

Sorry...this step involves me crying and complaining a lot :'(
<p>approximately how much latex did you use? my local moulding supply store sells the stuff by the gallon or the quart. Would I need more than a gallon?</p>
I needed less than a pint so a quart would work.
<p>oh that's brilliant! thanks! I want to go to a local con as an Asari in a sari. because I'm punny.</p>
Would you be willing to sell one, by chance? I'm artistic, you to be in ceramics and everything...but I just had a baby. I have lost a lot of the time to be myself and be creative still :/ but I would really love to display Liara sometime.
I'm afraid I sold all the spares and extras I had looong ago (and then I destroyed the mold) - I believe The Mad Maskers sells them tho!<br>https://www.facebook.com/TheMadMasker
I'm sorry. I meant &quot;used to be&quot; and &quot;cosplay&quot; liars sometime. Lol baby distracted me
You look very similar to Liara, one of the few people that isn't annoyed by my calibrations.
You are an artist very creative and innovating! <br>Eres una artista muy creativa e inovadora!
Holy cow. Just saw this for the first time. I AM an FX guy, and I have to say this is really well done. No apologies from you ever again. <br> <br>Really, it doesn't matter &quot;how&quot; it's done. The end result is the only thing. Half the time people refine or invent techniques anyway. There's a lot of snobbery about. Ignore it. It's BS.
so cool .
Incredibly detailed work, beautifully done. Thanks for sharing your project.
Hot ;)
That is pretty damn awesome welldone!<br><br>High five for you!

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