How to Make Any Shoe Waterproof!





Introduction: How to Make Any Shoe Waterproof!

For this instructable I will be making a pair of my shoes waterproof. This will work on any shoe.

Step 1: Materials

For this project you'll need :

  • A pair of shoes
  • A white, unscented, tea light candles
  • blow dryer

Step 2:

Get the tea light candle, and rub it on the shoe (you can blow dry the candle so it'll come rub on the shoe easier). Rub the candle on the shoe until the shoe is covered in the wax, or is all white.

Step 3:

Blowdry the shoe until the shoe goes from "white", to it's original color.


As you can see, the shoe remains dry even when I put it under the faucet. :) hope this helps



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    will it work on leather shoes?????

    Lard works good on leather shoes. It makes them shiny too. That is if you can find lard, but probably any other animal fat will work too... 100% natural :)

    It should, but another alternative would be boiled linseed oil, apply with a rag (wear good rubber gloves) and let sit for a week or so outside or a place that fire can't harm anything. If boiled linseed oil is left on a cloth wadded up it can spontaneously ignite so you need to make sure the oil has had ample time to dry good. Many fires have started this way but as long as you let it dry it will remain waterproof for a long time. Cowboys used to use this method for waterproofing their canvas dusters.

    BLO is supposedly bad for leather (brakes it down), Neatsfoot oil is cheap and works great. Added benefit; you won't smell like a wood shop for the next month or two.

    wax will leave a (waxy, non-transparent ) residue. Hope they aren't your favorite shoes.

    good idea! using wax to waterproof. am wondering if different types of waxes work in different ways... (is beeswax better than whatever wax is used like maybe paraffin?) candle wax- Is there a difference? How does one tell the difference-

    There are as many types of wax as there are ways to produce them. Bees wax has the distinct advantage of being non chemical and having a greater malleable temperature range.

    Without exception, every substance is a chemical.

    Oh geez.