Now that its getting cold
and winter is coming in
i get a big craving for apple cider
but i don't have a juicer (yet)
so i'll show you how to make apple cider
with a blender/food processor
and then i'll show you how to use the nasty leftovers to double the amount of cider you already have for FREE

PS: I based this instructable off of other apple cider instructables
but they all used a juicer and created only one batch with it

Step 1: Ingredients

-Apples (you can use a variety of apples but i prefer red delicious with gala)
-spices (i used cinnamon and nutmeg)

-blender/ food processor
-an undershirt that you out grew or ripped
-cutting board
<p>I depends if you are English or American. What the Americans call &quot;Cider&quot; in England is apple juice to an Englishman. Cider in England is alcoholic, otherwise it's just apple juice.</p>
Well Karel, you're right, it IS apple juice!&nbsp; That's what Cider IS MAN!&nbsp; If you want alcohol, you make HARD Cider (i.e. you add sugar and yeast and ferment the stuff).&nbsp; If you use grapes or some other fruit, we call it wine.&nbsp; Hard Cider is just fermented apple juice.&nbsp; Try making some, you'll probably love it!<br /> Spooky<br />
<p>i commented on this above...</p>
Wait, that's just warm apple juice, right? Where's the booze, man?
<p>for your information you u r talking about HARD cider; not normal cider</p>
<p>no, hard cider is normal cider, only in america (where i am) do we think the opposite, because we created the &quot;kiddie&quot; version just like the kiddie cocktail. everywhere else in the world calls hard cider regular cider and the other is alcohol free cider...</p>
Oh man-- comparing apple juice to fresh cider is like comparing PBR to a Ninkasi Believer Double Red Ale. It's quite heady enough without booze!
<p>aweome cider, man!</p>
i thought in order to make apple cider you can't cook the apples
That's right. You can't cook the apples.
that's just a misconception. you can cook the apples or use them raw it only changes the taste a bit. but if you're like me and you like hot apple cider then it tastes the same either way.
I like to take the leftover mush and make a pumpkin type pie. I just substitute the apple mush for the pumpkin mush. A little extra sugar than the recipe calls for and it is delish!
I will make an Instructible JUST for You Bgelcantogirl, it will teach you how to read, and follow instructions. <br>If you read the INSTRUCTIONS, it tells you where you must add the sugar. <br>
Looks refreshing! :P<br><br>
Now how many apples where used and how sugar did you use? <br> <br>thanks
I have a question, where do you add the sugar? <br> <br>Great idea for apple cider.
Sorry its a bit late, but I just found this instructable - If you (at step 5) add ground cloves and cinnamon you have most of the making of apple-butter. Normally, they take cider, and add apple mush, and boil it down to concentrate the flavor; however if you take the &quot;mush&quot; and run it thru a old fashioned food mill (the cone shaped ones with a wooden roller inside, or the one that looks like a pan colander with a half a propeller blade9?Foley Food Mill?) and use the applesauce that comes out, putting the juice back in the cider like his says, you fairly dry applesauce.&nbsp; Add the spices and gently boil, and it will be apple-butter in an hour or too.&nbsp; At least it worked when we took the dry mush from a real old apple press, put it thru the Foley, and then added the spice - maybe not as good as the stuff that boiled for days, but great taste, and very little problems for a diabetic who liked something on her bread, but could not use jelly or most jams.&nbsp;&nbsp; Well done<strong> Instructable</strong>, and I will be trying it this fall.&nbsp; <br />
yum! I'm tempted to try it, but blending large recipes in my magic bullet is SUCH a pain.
Magic bullets suck. It's a wonder I still use mine sometimes.
Cook it, and use it as a starter for making wine. It will be good! Or, if you want something even better (but slightly more expensive) add champagne yeast and make a very, very fine drink. (no it will not taste like champagne, but it is quite tasty). Or, the most easy way, just put it in a large bottle with a vapor lock and let it ferment on its own, just like shooby said.
Bottle this and let it sit, and it'll ferment.

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