Make a CNC Machine from old DVD writer

Step 1: Video of CNC Machine Working

<p>awesome job</p>
<p>nice job</p><p>please how can i get the code</p>
<p>nice one </p>
Can you send full video while extracting and how to upload gcode in CNC machine
<p>hi</p><p>first thanks for your hard work</p><blockquote>i am not good with electronic boards , but could you plz help me to identify these parts ( size of capacitor , resistance and transistor ) , because you didn't write about them , i make mark on attached picture, thanks<br></blockquote>
<p>I will give you all details, just leave your email id..</p><p>or </p><p>just contact infoyobots@gmail.com </p>
<p>Resistor is for LED(Just as an indicator), I have use 2.2k</p><p>and there is also a linear voltage regulator (7805) , for external power source.</p><p>Use computer or laptop USB port as power source then no need these components.</p><p>For more information just mail or comment..</p>
<p>hi </p><p>thanks again for your fast reply and i appreciate your effort </p><p>and here is my e-mail : qwqwqwzx4@gmail.com</p><p>best rega</p>
great project very interesting stuff!
great!! how did you figure out the pin outs (thbe right connections) for the motor wiring?
I have used multimeter....
<p>That's neat! Awesome way to reuse parts :)</p>

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