Introduction: How to Make Bacon By: Roasters Inc.

Baily Alvis, Parker Bjornsen, Jarren Parks

Step 1: Open Package of Bacon.

Step 2: Turn on Stove.

Step 3: Put Bacon Into the Pan That's on the Burner.

Step 4: Cook the Bacon Until Golden Brown and Then Flip It to the Other Side.

Step 5: Once the Bacon Is Fully Cooked Take It Out of the Pan and Put It Onto a Plate.

Step 6: Get Munching and Enjoy It.

Step 7: So Your Mom Doesn't Beat You Clean Up You Mess and Dishes.


bobski_horner made it! (author)2015-12-22

so,your not making bacon then,just cooking prepared bacon.err misleading

TheMadArcher2312 made it! (author)TheMadArcher23122015-12-28

if you wanna make bacon buy a deli slicer and a slab and slice it. easy as pie

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