Picture of How to Make Ballistic Gel : The 15 minute Way
If there is one important material for evil geniuses, it's ballistic gel. This gel is the perfect copy of human flesh. It has the exact same weight, resistance, everything. Its easy to make, can be made in 45 minutes (counting refrigeration), and is great for testing guns. Ballistic gel is 100% gelatin, the same white stuff used for candy. Myth busters use this often for gun shoot tests. This isn't the myth busters recipe but an easier version.

Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
 You need almost nothing for this project :
-sheets of gelatin x8
-small spoon x1
-scissors x1
-cup x1
You can't see my gelatin but in the bottom center .
jtobako5 years ago
Ballistic gel is nice, but what about imitation bone-like a rib or skull?
 They do that on myth-busters by actually casting the ballistics gel around a human skeleton.
 Do you now what they use for it ???

they use it to shoot random sh** at and record the depth of entry. e.g. cigarettes, bullets, ice bullets and stuff like that.
Quest for Questions (author)  beehard445 years ago
no, the human skeleton
Probably just one of those skeletons they use in science classes. That's what I would do.
theres a plastic composite that zombie go boom use for testing weapons on skulls thats 99% as hard as bone as close as they can get...there are some woods that simulate human bone look at the mythbusters buster remake or something were they remake the testing dummy to have human like articulation and wood bones the same strength as human ones :D its very interesting
Quest for Questions (author)  jtobako5 years ago
 I just found out that if you let your ballistic gel dry out it will become very hard, so just make yyour ballistic gel in the shape you want, let it hardin and put another layer of ballistic gel on top of your "bone" .
neodymium4 years ago
it is not ballistic gel yet. you have to melt it after being in the fridge (which by the way you have to refrigerate it for 3 hours, not 30 minutes. then you have to put it back in the fridge for 24 hours to bloom. look up what blooming is with ballistic gel if you do not know what it is.

this way of making it is totally off. try making it the right way and your way then compare them to see what i mean.
p.s. you also have to use knox unflavored gelatin mix. the ratio is 1oz mix per 1 cup water.