Step 7: The Business End

Picture of The Business End
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These arrows have broadheads attached. For blunts you can just find a 1/4 inch bolt tht weighs 8 grams, drill a hole and screw it in.

For the broadheads a slit needs to be cut. I made a jig using a scrap of 2x4 with a V cut into it and a scrap plywood to stabilize it. The bamboo shaft sits in the bottom of the V, which, coincidentally is aligned with the table saw blade, a quick pass and the slit is cut.
The bamboo should be backed with a piece of masking tape to prevent tear out.

The shaft is them pointed by twirling it against a belt sander.

The broadhead is superglued into the slit and secured with a whipping of dental floss.

The last picture is a test, I took an old arrow, which had already split, fastened in an unsharpened broadhead, secured it with twine and shot it into 3/4 inch ply.

The point just penetrated the plywood, the shaft split but everything is still soundly attached.

Thankyou this is very imformative. I have make arrows and the hardest part has always been the head.