video How to Make A Basic Triangle Top with skirted bottom
The lace trim top gives a soft, sexy look & the micro mini swim skirt minimizes your hips and tummy; a fiercely chic bikini that works with your body!
JaneS142 months ago

You make it look so easy! I am going to try this!!!

thundrepance4 months ago

i'd make this if i had your figure .... it's GREAT!

opalz72 years ago
this is awesome! thanks sooo much!
diy_bloke3 years ago
i am so gonna try this
 awesome just made this and the one piece. very sexy outfits!
BadMonkey636 years ago
Wow says it all!!!!
Very lovely, i Love it. Ynx
This is great! I bought a sewing machine off craigslist for $20 to reupholster my truck bench, but have since reproduced two of your creations for my girlfriend already. Thank you!
tihi6 years ago
wow !