Introduction: How to Make Wooden Bead Ornaments

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Ok, so here is a super simple and easy way to make some natural and rustic looking ornaments. Are you ready for this? If you blink you might miss this tutorial because it's just that simple!

What you'll need:
Wooden beads

Step 1:

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First step... cut a piece of twine (or you can two pieces of twine). I know this is a hard step... but you can do it! (ha ha ha)

Step 2:

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Next tie a knot with a loop in the piece of twine (or 2 pieces knotted together).


Step 3:

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Now add some beads leaving enough room to tie a knot at the end.

Step 4:

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Now, you guessed it, tie a knot in the end! Repeat as needed. Then trim the ends off when done.

Step 5:

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Then you have a cute ornament for your rustic/natural looking tree!

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