How to Make Blackpowder (a.k.a Gunpowder)





Introduction: How to Make Blackpowder (a.k.a Gunpowder)

Black powder is the base of many pyrotechnic projects and is very versatile. This instructable will show you how to make it and where to find the materials.

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Step 1: Sourcing the Materials.

Potassium nitrate: Some stump removers contain it.
Sulfur: Can be found in chemists and garden centres (Look for flowers of sulfur)
Charcoal: Can be found in barbeques, supermarkets, the bottom of fires or you can make your own.

Or if you live in the UK you can go here 

Step 2: You Will Need

You will need:
75% potassium nitrate
15% charcoal
10% sulfur 
(Must be measures by weight, not volume)

An old coffee grinder
A spoon
Kitchen scales

Mortar and Pestle. 

Step 3: Preparing the Ingredients.

1) Put your potassium nitrate (if it is not already finely ground) into the coffee grinder and grind it until it is a nice fine powder, then put it in the mixing container. Wash the grinder.
2) Repeat with the charcoal and sulfur.
3) Put all the ingredients through a fine sieve and any lumps, put in a mortar and pestle and grind them to they've turned to powder.
4) Mix with a spoon until it is all mixed in.

Step 4: Storing and Using.

Store it in a air tight container until ready for use.

Also you can you can make the mixture using 60% Potassium nitrate 30% Charcoal and 10% Sulfur for a slower burning rocket fuel! 

Have fun and be careful!!!

This is a small video of a spoon of my mixture in a small container.


Check here to see how to make some quickmatch!



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    Can you put the ingredients in grams for each and where would I be able to get these ingredients from in the uk cheers

    Please do not use the coffee grinder you will get yourself hurt or burn your house down doing that!!!. Go on ebay and buy a ball mill. Trust me its alot cheeper then the hospital bill or buying a new house.

    You just noted at the end that a 65, 30,10 mixture is slower? I've found this mix to be faster!? Why do you think we have these differences?? Im using KNO3, willow, and sulfur. With the standard BP mix, I packed into a tube and got no lift, but with the 65,30,10 mix I did get lift off. Whats going on here

    I don't know. The 60:30:10 should burn slower due less oxidiser and more carbon and it always works for me.

    Very odd, I made one last night with sorry: 65, 25, 10 mixture. I got my tube to launch 30 meters into the air and burns for 4 seconds. I swear the normal mix only made smoke pour out the nozzle. I'll attempt again. Maybe my nozzle was too large back then

    Please, between point 1 and 2 in step 3, is INDISPENSABLE to wash the grinder. Otherwise the residual potassium nitrate will ignite the sulphur.

    More: it is A VERY BAD IDEA to grind all ingredients together. Surely the powder will ignite.

    I have changed the ible. Thankyou for pointing that out!!!

    You are welcome. Well done!

    I have changed the ible. Thankyou for pointing that out!!!

    Please Please PLEASE if you must do this, DO NOT GRIND the black powder mix and DO NOT USE PLASTIC for mixing bowls. Black powder (gunpowder, same thing) is static and friction sensitive. I have investigated incidents where people have sustained serious bodily injuries from black powder autoignition. The industry standard is copper or brass (both non-sparking) for mixing and pouring. At the yourself with an earthing strap and benchtop mat (about $20 tops).