Picture of How to Make Bo Shurikens/Throwing Spikes
There are many instructables and guides for making Bo Shurikens, or what is known more commonly to Westerners as Throwing Spikes. This is my first instructable ever so this is more for my education than anything else. So constructive criticism, ideas, and your input are all welcome, just be sure to keep the be nice policy please.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
These supplies are very easy to access, and may even be found quite cheaply if you scour garage sales and such.

-6 inch Rafter Nail
-Bolt Cutters
-Bucket of Water
-Bench Grinder

Step 2: Nail Preporation

Picture of Nail Preporation
14, 12:40 PM.jpg
Start by cutting the head off of the nail using the bolt cutters. Then take the nail and grind off the burr left by the bolt cutters, this makes it easier to create the taper without the irregularity created burr or makes it much smoother if you want a single ended Bo Shuriken.

Step 3: Creating the Taper

Picture of Creating the Taper
Begin holding the nail with TWO hands, with your dominant hand in back. Place the end of the nail at a close angle against the grinding wheel, turn the nail slowly and take your time creating the taper. Start a little ways from the desired point and work your way towards the end constantly turning the nail and forming a nice sharp end. Then take the nail and dip it into your bucket of water, as your nail should be quite hot by now, to cool it quicker than air cooling.

*TIP: I like to make my tapers quite long, about 1 inch or so, remember that the longer your taper is the sharper your point will be. And the sharper your point is, the greater the performance of the Bo Shuriken is (You'll be surprised at how deep you can bury one of those things into a piece of wood with a well made point)*
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Noble_Knight10 months ago
DIY NINJA! Awesome instructable!
Luke_Indestructible (author) 10 months ago
I gave the wrong nail, it is a 6 inch Bridge Nail. Rafter nails would work, it would just be a lot smaller