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Welcome to How To Tuesdays, Threadbanger's summer special. Today we are going to answer a viewer's question and show you how to make an awesome pair of board shorts out of an old business suit.

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Watch the video below, and if you still can't get enough, read on:

Clothing You'll Need:
An old suit
A hawaiian shit
A tie
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Step 1: Measuring the length

Picture of Measuring the length
1. Put on the pants, measure and make a mark about 2 inches below the bottom of your knee.

Step 2: Drawing the line

Picture of Drawing the line
2. Lay the pants flat and draw a straight line using tailor's chalk and a straight edge.

Step 3: The Hem

Picture of The Hem
Picture 5.png
3. Cut the pant legs off at the line and turn them inside out. Now, fold up the shorts bottoms about an inch up and pin. Do this for both sides. Be sure you compare it to the first leg so you make them the same length.

Step 4: Sewing the seam

Picture of Sewing the seam
4. Once the bottoms are completely pinned, sew a seam around both short legs.

Step 5: The Design

Picture of The Design
5. Now get out a piece of paper and cut out an image. This will be the design on your shorts.

Step 6: Attaching the pattern

Picture of Attaching the pattern
Picture 9.png
6. Fold your shorts in half so that one of the side seams is facing up. Then place your pattern over it. Once you have it in the right position, pin the pattern down and trace it.

Step 7: Cutting the shape out

Picture of Cutting the shape out
7. Cut the inside part of the shape out, flip the shorts over and repeat on the other side.

Step 8: The Hawaiian Pattern

Picture of The Hawaiian Pattern
Picture 12.png
8. Now take your Hawaiian shirt and cute out 2 pieces of fabric that are big enough to cover your pattern generously.

Step 9: Pinning the pattern to the shorts

Picture of Pinning the pattern to the shorts
9. Take one of your squares and pin it inside one of your cut-outs. Then sew a seam around your cut-out. Once you're finished, repeat on the other side.

Step 10: Making the band

Picture of Making the band
10. After you're done, take the tie and strategically pin it around the top of your pants.
Ph3nomin0n6 years ago
IM a little confused. by boardshort you mean boardshort swimsuit right? Cause I doubt you can swim in this. Am i right?
its a light fabric so you can swim in them
"What you need... a Hawaiian shit" LOL.
rotinaj7 years ago
I don't have a hawaiian shit, nor would I want a piece of one on my shorts. I'm just gonna be following these up to step four to make some nice slim fit shorts.
mattface7 years ago
now this i really like
This is sweet I usually just cut the legs off of my old pants and then you sew a stitch about 1/4 inch above the cut. After you wash them it will frey but not go past the line it looks really cool.