How to Make Boat With Little Bits Controller by Light Sensor




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Introduction: How to Make Boat With Little Bits Controller by Light Sensor

This is a boat controlller by a light sensor , in this case we're using a 9V battery for power , a light sensor for control the fan. This can use for make races in the beach, lake , and even in a bathtub.

Step 1: Materials for This Project

The materials are:

  1. 9V battery
  2. Power module
  3. Cable power
  4. Light sensor module
  5. Fan module
  6. Something dark
  7. Tape two face
  8. Board
  9. Container
  10. Elastic band

Step 2: Connect the Battery to the Cable

We proceed to connect the battery of 9V for power the circuit.

Step 3: Connect All the Modules

We proceed to connect the module power to turn on the circuit , then we connect the light sensor module that it´s configured in light sensitivity and finally the fan module.

Step 4: Mount the Circuit to the Mounting Board

Once the board is mounted you can put ti on different ways of your choice, be creative!!!



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    Awesome i like it ?

    Awesome i like it ?