Haven't done laundry in a while? Need some more underwear? Well, take a lesson from Rob and Ruffeo Hearts Lil' Snotty and turn your old t-shirts into a pair of boy shorts! And put off doing laundry for another day... Watch the full Episode here!

Step 1: Gathering Materials

Picture of Gathering Materials
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First thing to do is to draw out a design. Then take out a t-shirt, you can use the same sleeves but Maxwell uses sleeves from another t-shirt to spruce up the color. You'll also need to have a strip of elastic for the band- the sleeves will be the boy shorts legs
tumblr_diys12 months ago
I just wanted to see rob wear them
Moonfae6 years ago
those look more like a guy's bxer briefs except they don't leave much room n front.or maybe just pantyhose made from shirt with the legs cut off. But i ess they'd do just for a laundry day type of situation.
Girl's boyshorts usually are just a little longer in the leg than regular panties .
like this picture here boyshorts

iain0101006 years ago
This is nice, but why not just use a single mismatched sock?
I have to agree with mikeasaurus these 'boy shorts' are they for men or women?... they look like 'female boxers' to me, if they are for guys they don't look very comfy and have no support.. let alone looking a bit feminine... I'd rather do some washing lol some clarification of what boy shorts are is my only suggestion to an otherwise good instructable
The term "boy shorts" has been around for a while. My wife owns a few.
Wow, lots of guys commenting.
Boy shorts are a style of women's underwear like briefs, bikini, or hi-cut.
It's just a style for women. From experience, they don't ride up as bad as other styles and they are pretty comfy.
If you guys want to wear them, knock yourself out. But you are right, they WILL be uncomfortable.
PKM SpinWard6 years ago
I see.. I would call those girl boxers (unless that's a brand name that hasn't become a brand eponym yet). When I read "boy shorts" I imagined something more like boardies- very loose roughly 3/4 shorts for boys.
canida PKM6 years ago
Nah, boxers are too floppy. They're more like a skimpier version of boxer briefs.
mikeasaurus6 years ago
I'm confused, should I be frightened or excited?
Excited, boy shorts are hawt. At least when there's a girl inside.
caitlinsdad6 years ago
Errrm, isn't there a fundamental basic design flaw here to call it boy shorts?
Doctor What6 years ago
Boy shorts? Awkward...