Step 1: To Do Bubbles With DVD Disk You Need!

Step 2: Take a DVD Disk, Better to Take an Old and Used One. It Must Be DVD Disk, CD Disk Won't Do

- Divide the disk in two with the help of a knife as neat as possible.
- Scratch off all the sputter from the part without coverage till transparency.
- Heat a part of the disk with the lighter. Increase fire. The bigger part you will heat at a time – the bigger bubble comes out!

Step 3: Blow Softly on the Heated Disk at a Place Where There Is a Fire Till Plastic Melts (it Becomes As the Water).

Step 4: Blow at a Normal Speed to Get a Nice Long Bubble That Wont Collapse.

<p>Awesome, doing this this summer.</p>
<p>Awesome, doing this this summer.</p>
<p>don't have 1 dvd</p>
<p>now that's cool :)</p>
really cool!! keep up the good work

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