Step 2: Chunk Up the Wax

With a knife, or as I found towards the end of my chunking, a cheese slicer, to get the wax off the block and into as small pieces as physically possible, this will speed up the melting time.

The cat assistant is optional.

by the way cute cat
I made it sort of green and I smashed the jar to let the candle out.Thanks for the awesome instructable.
how did you manage to get it out of the jar? your candle looks really pretty too!
It's still in the jar, the picture doesn't really show it, sorry, but I wanted to leave it in the jar so that when it burns it doesn't get wax everywhere.
I love cats.
this is a cute cat.....with a dangerous knife...very cute
Cute but dangerous, thats how I roll! She was right up in my business when I was chunking up that wax! I was scared for both of us!

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Bio: Getting Crafty up in Canada and hopefully not hurting myself..Hopefully some more recipes and things coming soon!!
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