How to Make Cast Iron Metal Melting Furnace With in $10


Introduction: How to Make Cast Iron Metal Melting Furnace With in $10

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Required Materials With Cost

Cement Flower Pots - $0.5

Iron Pipe - $1.5

Teflon Tape - $0.15

Electric Air Pump - $5

Insulation Tape - $0.15

Charcoal - $2.24

Steel Tumbler - $0.5



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    Where did you get the Steel Tumbler and the cool tongs? Also will it burn the ground its on?

    1 reply

    u can get from any store otherwise check,

    Uhm, I see you are melting aluminum cans with this, have you indeed done cast iron with it too as your title suggests?

    1 reply

    i just show demo

    In this method melt Iron Too.. but u need high pressure electric pump