Introduction: How to Make Cell Holder Using Ice Cream Sticks

Had some AA cells lying around in my house. To use them in my project, i required a cell holder. Yes i could buy one but what's the fun in that. Why not make one at home with nothing but few ice cream sticks.

Watch the video to make a wonderful AA cell holder in just few minutes of your free time at home.

Note: Use this method and make holders for any size of cells (AAA or AA).

Step 1: Materials Required

1. Few Ice cream sticks

2. Hard wire

3. Glue Gun

4. A Knife

5. A Battery connector clip

Step 2: Procedure

1. Take few ice cream sticks and using a knife, cut the curved edges from the sides.

2. Using hot glue, stick three of them together to make a base.

Note: Do not Forget to watch the video to to see the step by step procedure in detail.

3. Take another stick and mark the width of the base.

4. Cut along the mark and make two such pieces.

5. Using hot glue, paste a piece at one of the edge.

6. Now, place the cell on the base and mark the length on a stick.

7. Cut along the marked point and make two such pieces for both the sides.

8. Using hot glue, paste both the pieces on the sides and paste the 4th piece to close the box.

9. Take the battery connector and fill some solder in the -ve terminal.

10. We now need to paste the connector in the holder, for that, cut a slit at one of the sides.

11. Paste the connector at the edge using hot glue.

12. Take a piece of food wrapping foil and fold it to make the contact between the cells and paste it opposite to the battery connector.

Insert the cells and our cell holder is ready to use.

All the best..:)


jcduplessis made it! (author)2016-04-05

This is brilliant! Perfect for powering Arduino type boards and chips (ATmega328 and ATtiny85 etc.). You could also strip another 9V battery connector and attach that to the circuit side so you can easily detach the battery from your circuit. Excellent.

Thanks for sharing!

Techgenie made it! (author)Techgenie2016-04-06

Thanks a lot for appreciating my work..:)

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