How to Make Charcoal Pore Strips





Introduction: How to Make Charcoal Pore Strips

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Do you have blackheads and/or acne? This recipe is the best for drawing out those pesky blackheads. The activated charcoal really helps to draw out the unwanted impurities on your skin. Watch for step by step instructions and demonstration.

DIY Blackhead Pore Strips Ingredients:

-1 part unflavored gelatin

-2 part water

-0.5 part activated charcoal


-Warm wet washcloth


-Stirring object

-Paint brush


~Open your pores with a warm wet cloth.

~Mix water and gelatin.

~Microwave for 15-30 seconds (time varies depending on amounts used- you want the entire mixture to boil and bubble for a few seconds). Undercooking leading to brittle strips that rip easily during the peeling step.

~Add charcoal and mix quickly.

~When cool enough to stand paint onto skin.

~Wait until completely dry.

~Peel off and wash any residue with water.

Tip: -Make a large batch and use for your entire face!



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    Do you have a vegan version of this that does not use gelatin?

    1 reply

    Yes! Try this recipe:
    DIY Vegan Pore Strips Recipe

    - 3/4 cup distilled water
    - 1 tbsp xantham gum (find in the baking section of most grocery stores)
    - activated charcoal powder
    - tissue or single ply toilet paper

    Blend mixture. brush over area and add tissue paper, do a top coat of mixture to saturate toilet paper. Allow it to dry completely then gently peel it off. Store it in a clean container in the fridge for up to a couple of months.

    It is a variation of the video found here:

    I've heard of using gelatin as a pore strip before, but every time I try it doesn't seem to work for some reason. It doesn't dry as it's supposed to. I cannot peel it and always end up washing it with warm water. Any ideas why?

    9 replies

    How long are you cooking it in the microwave? Also, the drying process is important, if you try to remove it before it dries and hardens it won't work. The first time I tried the milk and gelatine recipe I put it on way too thick and it didn't dry all the way before I ripped it off. This is why I changed to ratios a bit for my recipe so it isn't too thick.

    It does dry out completely but I cannot peel it. the whole thing get stuck on my nose and I can only remove it with warm water. don't know if I'm overcooking it - I leave it in the microwave only for a few seconds, so the whole thing can get hot, but not to "boil"

    What ratio were you using?

    How much gelatin and how much liquid?

    Well... the consistency was as for pancakes

    When you put it on your skin was it thick medium or thin? Do you have a link to a recipe you used?

    I applied a thin layer, but the consistency was kinda like jelly to be honest. Sorry, but I don't have the recipe.

    The only thing I can think of is the ratio of water to gelatin you used may have been too thick (not enough water/too much gelatin).

    One small tip is to slightly stretch out the skin around the pore strip once it's dried. This will help to give you an edge to pull.

    Just about every pet store worth it's weight should carry activated charcoal for a decent price.

    You can also buy it even more inexpensively, in bulk, from online suppliers of soap making supplies.

    you can fin activated charcoal capsules in the vitamin section of most health or food stores. You can easily open the capsules and use the powder inside. Thanks for looking!

    If you can, please share your pics! Thanks for viewing!