We were sitting in class one day when our teacher told us to make one of these. After careful deliberation over a period of two minutes, we decided to make cheesecake brownies. So here is a step by step tutorial on how to make them. Pictures are provided to help aid in understanding this. Use the following links to see which recipe is best for you.
Cheesecake brownies 
Bacon Cheesecake Brownies

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

For this particular recipe, you will need:
•1 package of brownie mix
•1 8oz package of cream cheese
•1 egg
•1/3 cup white sugar
•9x13" pan
•grease for pan
•electric mixer
•large bowl
•basic kitchen utensils
†You willl also need whatever ingredients are listed on the certain box of brownie mix that you choose.
Nom Nom. eating one, delicious!
Mmmm tasty! I'm glad you guys did this. JF

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