How to Make Cherry Blossom Lights





Introduction: How to Make Cherry Blossom Lights

I love the way the cherry trees outside my building bloom cheerfully each Spring.  I wanted to bring the beauty of those cherry blossoms indoors so I made some out of tissue paper and to make them even more special I added LEDs

These pretty lights are inexpensive and easy to make.  They are made mostly from material found at a dollar store.  You can make several branches for a spray of cherry blossoms to decorate your room. 

Step 1: What You Will Need

  • White LED Christmas lights (battery powered) -you can pick these up on sale after Christmas or here.
  • Tissue paper (shades of white and pink) -you can reuse old tissues from gift bags, it's okay if it's crinkly
  • a Branch (I used dollar store flowers, though a real tree branch will do)
  • Floral stem wrap tape (brown)
  • Vase*
  • Sand/ gravel or small stones
  • Twist ties
  • Glue (glue stick and craft glue)
  • Pliers
  • Scissors/rotary cutting tool

*If you use lights that need to be plugged into an outlet, you need a vase that you can cut a hole in to allow the plug through the bottom.

Step 2: Putting the Lights On

I trimmed off the flowers and excess twigs from the branch so that I can spread the lights out evenly.  Starting from the bottom attach the LED wires to the branch with twist ties.  Try to arrange the lights evenly along the branch with the battery pack at the bottom and the wires pulled taut.

Step 3: Preparing the Tissue Paper

I used four layers of tissue paper, two white and two pink.  You can try more layers of tissue or different colour combinations.
Cut the 4 ply paper into squares 3 by 3 inches in size, you need one for each LED.

Step 4: Cutting the Blossoms

Fold each square (with the 4 layers of tissue) in half. Fold the half square into a cone, lining up the edges.  With scissors cut a half circle off the top of the cone to form the blossom (see images above for guidance).  Glue the four layers of tissue paper together with a glue stick (just put glue at the centre of the blossoms, leave the petals separate) and poke a hole in the centre.

Step 5: Putting the Blossoms on the Branch

The cheap dollar store flowers that I was using had a plastic stamen at the centre. I was able to fit it on the tip of the LEDs so that it diffused the light nicely.  If you don't have anything like this on your flowers or if you are using a real branch and you would like to diffuse the light on your LEDs you can sand the surface or put a dab of glue on it.

To assemble the blossoms on the branch, slip the hole of the blossom through the LEDs and secure on the branch with clear tape. I then glued the plastic stamen on.  When the glue is dry ruffle up the layers of tissue paper so that they resemble a real cherry  blossom

Step 6: Wrapping the Branch

Wrap with floral stem tape beginning from the base of the blossoms down the branch.  Pull the tape taut and try not to layer it too thickly.  Cover the branch and light wires all the way down to the battery pack.

Step 7: Finishing Up

Place the branch and battery pack into the vase and begin pouring the gravel around it.  Cover the battery pack with gravel but make sure you have access to the switch. It would have been more convenient if the switch for my battery pack had been at the top, instead it was on the top edge so I left that area uncovered.  Unfortunately, I will also need to pull the whole thing out when I change the batteries.



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    this was a great DIY. I had lots of fun making this and it turned out great. however, I used a different light bulb (it was alot bigger) so wrapping the tissue paper around it was difficult. I added some flowers and silver bead wire stems to make it pop more and I used 20 LED lights.


    Nice! It looks great with 20 LEDs.

    How long did one branch take to make? I'm doing a wedding in November with 10 tables and these would look amazing in orange or purple mixed in with regular branches

    I can't remember exactly how long it took, I probably did it in an afternoon. You could save time if you use a punch to cut the tissue paper flowers.

    So I could probably do 10 in under a week... thanks! They really are awesome...

    Absolutely stunning. I want to make these so bad! Well done!


    excellent result and iam running to buy the moterials...the plastic flower

    Thank you so much for sharing this, love it!!!

    Very cool idea! Thanks for sharing.