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Introduction: How to Make Chocolate Cake

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Chocolate cake perfect for and holiday or just for fun!

Step 1: Ingredients

Medium and Large Bowl
Baking Soda
Liquid 2 cup measuring cup
Shot glass measuring cup or tablespoons/teaspoons
cocoa powder
vanilla extract
one stick of butter
Mixer with mixing heads
Two eggs
Pot and water
Measuring Cups (dry ingredients)
9X13 pan NOT SHOWN
Powdered sugar
One more stick of butter (to make two sticks in all)
Salt again
Vanilla Extract again

Step 2: Dry Ingredients

Preheat oven to 350 Degrees.

in the medium bowl, stir in

2 cups flour
1/2 cup Cocoa powder
2 tsp. Baking soda
1 tsp Salt

Whisk the Dry's together till well mixed.

Step 3: Wet and Sugary

In the Large bowl, add

2 tsp Vanilla Extract
1 stick butter
2 cups sugar
And Blend them until kinda smooth but still clumpy.

if butter is cold, microwave it. Before you put the other stick in the fridge again, leave it out, it needs to be soft!

Step 4: A Bit Watery..

Put 2 cups of water in a pot and bring to a rolling boil on high.

While its working to a boil, put 2 eggs in a measuring glass.

Dump the boiling water into your "wet and sugary" mix in the large bowl and blend.

After it is well blended, add the eggs, just dump em in, then blend some more..

Step 5: Dry Meets Wet

While mixing, add one scoop of the dry to the wet. repeat that until you have no more dry.

Step 6: Pour and Bake.

Pour your batter into a 9X13 UNGREASED PAN!, put in 350 degree oven fro 30 mins.



Set the cake thats done baking on counter and let sit for a few hours uncovered till fully cool.

Sorry no picture, though you would know what it looked like...

Step 8: Make and Frost Cake

What you need

Mixer and heads
Butter (softened)
Shot glass Measuring glass
Medium Bowl
Powered sugar

Put half of a 2 Lb bag of powered sugar into the bowl. Just estimate, you don't have to be exact.

Plop the butter in the sugar.

Add a pinch of salt on top.

Add 2 Tsp Vanilla

4Tbsp milk (2 TBSP twice)

Blend away until frosting consistency!

To spread the cake simply plop all the frosting on the cake and use the spatula to spread it throughout.

Wala a yummy cake in only a few hours!

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    wow its an amazing cake!
    *it takes just an hour to make!*

    Erm, This is probably a really late stage to ask this, but could you mention how much flour and coco powder? thanks :)

    1 reply

    Read step 2

    Every time I try to bake a cake, it NEVER has that fluffy spongy-ness inside it.. :S please help.


    in b4 cake is a lie.

    looks very good, delicious and moist!

    6 replies

     what do you mean by " in b4 cake is a lie."?

    thanks for the comment though!


    just calling it before someone makes reference to the joke.

    inb4 rules 1&2 are broken!


    only apply during raids.

    Always. Rules don't evolve, they break. Stick to the original. It may just help you out one day.

    Ok. Thanks!

     Aside from finding the cake aesthetically pleasing, has anyone actually TRIED this recipe?

    The cake looks pretty good and tasty.
    I have a small question though I'm pretty sure I have the answer to it...350deg is degrees F not C right? I was a bit shocked to hear that someone bakes cakes at 350deg and then figured that it's probably in deg F...(I wasn't what kind of super cool oven you had, but your oven looks so bright and shiny that I'm kinda jealous now :P)
    Oh, and one more thing...if one does not have a beater, is it ok to use double cream (aka heavy cream)?
    I shall try make this cake when I have time! :D

    2 replies

     for Celcius it would be  roughly 180 degreese.

    For the cake you could just mix it by hand with a spatula or spoon but REALLY GOOD and for the frosting i would say to just use a whisk and it will all turn out fine.

     Sorry about the Celcius, meant to say celsius

    Love your attention to detail!  Great photo documentation, 5+...(would love the cake too, thanks). Cman

    1 reply

     Thanks Cman

    That looks good.

    I don't know why people put chocolate drizzle on the plate (besides to make it look good). I always have to.. lick it off. :O

    1 reply

     ya i just did for this picture so it looked better. it must have made a difference, it got featured!