Make Chocolate Dessert Bowls - The Easy Way!

video Make Chocolate Dessert Bowls - The Easy Way!
If you have ever been to my house for dinner, chances are I served you dessert in one of these tasty little indulgent treats. The method that I *might have* created, allows you to be artistic in your design and particular with adding toppings to your chocolate bowls which can really enhance the overall appearance and taste. In this Video I will show you how to make 5 different styles of chocolate dessert bowls! Thanks for watching! xo Steph :)
Amazing so yummy
The Steph Show (author)  Monster Muncher2 years ago
... you don't even want to know how many of these I devoured when the camera was off!! ;)

Hi, Great idea and so simple, guess a cider can will do.

I added some vermicelli to make 'freckles' in the bowl.

Regards Dennis the horse

The Steph Show (author)  Dennisthehorse3 months ago

What a great idea! I'm going to try that!! :)

I absolutely MUST do this next time we entertain!
The Steph Show (author)  paulduvall200012 months ago
I hope you do! And post them on here!! I'd love to see them!! :) Thanks so much for the comment :)
WOW!!! looks absolutely delicious!!!! :-)
The Steph Show (author)  M.C. Langer1 year ago
Thanks!! :)
Horef1 year ago
holy mother of chocolate. i love this! thanks for the share!
The Steph Show (author)  Horef1 year ago
Haha, thank you so much!! :)
These look awesome. I can't wait to try them. What do serve inside the bowl?
The Steph Show (author)  gr8fuldead691 year ago
Thanks!! I usually serve chocolate mousse in the bowls because it's very soft and easy to spoon out so your guests wont crack their bowls trying to eat the dessert inside - it also goes perfectly with the bowls themselves so I have found that people tend to break pieces of their bowls off to eat along with their mousse.
They Look Amazingly delicious !!! Are You available for coffee ? James
13, 11:24 AM.jpg
The Steph Show (author)  jessiejames461 year ago
Thank you James!
ash11121 year ago
Could you use normal cooking chocolate? We don't have 'bakers' chocolate in the uk, and what could I use instead of 'chipit' or whatever they ate called? :) xxx
The Steph Show (author)  ash11121 year ago
Hey Ash! Yes, you could definitely use normal cooking chocolate - and the 'Chipits' that I used in the video were hard toffee bits - the same toffee used in Skor chocolate bars - not sure if you have those in the UK either, but I'm sure you will be able to find a good substitute! Good luck!! :)
icemonkey11 year ago
That's so cool!!!!!!
The Steph Show (author)  icemonkey11 year ago
Thanks!! :)
they look so pretty and good! and you make it seems easy too
The Steph Show (author)  marcellahella1 year ago
Thanks!! It is SUPER easy! Seriously, even if you make mistakes they seem to always turn out looking like you planned it! :)
psy_goblin1 year ago
These are brilliant! I have seen and tried a few different techniques for making chocolate bowls but this is without a doubt the best! really regretting giving up chocolate for lent now! cant wait to try them when lent is over!
The Steph Show (author)  psy_goblin1 year ago
Thank you so much! You have incredible will power, eating chocolate to me is like breating air... I just got to! ;)
lmnopeas2 years ago
These are amazing! Thanks for the great tutorial!
The Steph Show (author)  lmnopeas1 year ago
Thank you!!! :D
cookery1 year ago
Beautiful! I love your creativity.
The Steph Show (author)  cookery1 year ago
Thank you so much!! :)
LOVE This!
Thanks!! :)
janw2 years ago
They look amazing and so tasty.

Just one little remark: As Baker's and Chipit (or whatever they are called) aren't available worldwide (I've never seen them on mainland Europe), it might be better to discribe the ingredients as what they are. And in the case of chocolate, it's always good to mention the percentage cacao.

Other than that, great instructable!