In this instructable i will show you how to make any christmas lights flash to music!



Step 1: What You Need-

For This Music You Will Need-

tip31c NPN Transistor

Christmas Lights (DC Power Or Battery Not 110VAC 220VAC 240VAC Or Solar!)

Male To Male Jumper Wires


Male 3.5mm AUX Cord

Female 3.5mm AUX Plug

Solder Soldering Iron


Step 2: Setting Up the Audio Jack

First get L R and GND.

Then connect a jumper wire to L and GND,

Next connect 3 wires to L R and GND,

Lastly solder everything together.

Step 3: Connecting the Audio Jack to the Female Audio Jack

First connect the ground wire to the bottom.

Next connect the R wire to the second,

Lastly connect the L wire to the top one.

Step 4: Test

FIRST DISCONNECT ANY POWER! 33volts DC can hurt you if it gets into your blood stream!

Second cut the wire and find the positive and negative wires and connect the positive together leaving the negative apart.

Now test the the power by touching the wires together,

Step 5: Breadboard

Connect the GND wire from the audio jack to the right leg of the transistor,

Now connect the L of the audio jack to the left leg of the transistor,

Connect the GND from the power to the right leg of the power supply,

Lastly Connect the GND of the lights to the middle leg of the transistor.

Step 6: Test

Turn the power on and plug the Jack into the phone and volume it all the way up!

if everything was done right it should flash to the music like in the video below!

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Jacks How2s

Watch The Video https://youtu.be/QbEZX_T-mnM
<p>It would still work for AC correct? What did you use for the DC power source?</p>
AC doesn't work with the tip 31! I used an ac-dc 31 volt 190miliamp transformer that came with the lights but look up the data sheet to make sure your transformer works with the transistor.
<p>Man but it is not much simple to solder ground and positive to speaker?</p>
<p>yes I know but that would only have 1 audio channel (Left or Right) and wouldn't be as loud as an amp.</p>
<p>why can they not be AC?</p>
AC is dangerous and can kill you.

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