How to Make Christmas Trees





Introduction: How to Make Christmas Trees

How to make 3 different Christmas trees. Brighten up your home this Christmas with a beautiful homemade Christmas tree or three!

Step 1: Watch This Video Guide

What you need:

Desk Top Tree

A cork
A toothpick
Tissue paper
A star

Centerpiece Tree

A sheet of card or paper
Wrapping paper
A star

Stick Tree
A selection of sticks
Ribbon or string
Christmas decorations

Step 2:

Start by cutting the end off a cork.

Step 3:

Then poke a toothpick into the middle like this.

Step 4:

Next cut out a number of circles from the tissue paper and put them in size order.

Step 5:

Then thread the paper onto the toothpick spine. Screw the paper up a bit first to stop the tree looking too flat and uniform.

Step 6:

Finally add the Christmas Star.

Step 7:

Roll up a piece of paper or card into a cone and fix it with tape.

Step 8:

Take a 5" strip of wrapping paper, curl it around and tape the ends together, then slice the paper through the curl as shown.

Step 9:

Wrap the paper around the cone and tape it on. Do this in layers all the way up the cone.

Step 10:

Keep going until you get to the top then add a Christmas star.

Step 11:

Take a pile of sticks and cut them to length so you can arrange a tree formation like this.

Step 12:

Bind the sticks together with ribbon

Step 13:

Decorate the tree.

More details in the video guide in Step 1.



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    I love all of them.

    love all three! But will try to get woodworker son to help with stick tree. When the boys were at home and getting fed up with decorating for Christmas, we just decorated the fake ficus tree! worked fine, done in a few minutes :)

    Soo cool!! I am going to make a big version of the wood one!!!!!

    Very nice, and very festive!!! Thanks for sharing!

    I love them all and I probably will made the first one as I have all the stuff at home: cork, paper and toothpick. Will just just add a different topper (I do not think that I have star here).