How to Make Clear Slime (Borax)





Introduction: How to Make Clear Slime (Borax)

Today I am making clear Slime using Borax and Glue

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

-Elmer's Clear Glue


-Container for mix

-Something to stir

Step 2: Step 3:Make Clear Slime

Pour clear glue into Bowl #1

In a separate bowl, add Tbps of Borax inro Bowl #2 and stir

Pour bowl #2 into clear glue and mix

Keep steering until it's thicken

Step 3: Step 3: Play With Slime

Slime is ready when doesn't stick to fingers.

To prevent slime getting dry, place in zip lock bag and add siome water

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    this is great for the kids to play with. Can food coloring be added to change the colors? Or will that cause problems with the mixture? Anyone try it?

    6 replies

    Borax is very poisonous. Just saying!

    Yep, it is. The kids are older and I would not let them use it without an adult watching them. I was thinking more for science projects and a little goofing around then giving them a hand full and letting them run off and play. I am looking for a way to make the rubber clay. I can't remember what it's called, but we used it to "copy" color comics out of the Sunday paper and it bounced to Our! Anyone know how to make it and remember what it's called?

    Just to bear clear. Borax is used in cockroach-killing powder. "giving them a handful and letting them run off and play" rather contradicts "not let them use it without an adult watching them" doesn't it?

    You can use Purex Sta-Flo liquid starch instead Borax

    I can't find it in my area.

    Sorry, bounces around.... Dang auto speller anyway!


    2 years ago

    very intresting

    I have made this before with one different ingredient added to it: Water.