How to Make Clear Stickers - DIY Transparent Labels




Introduction: How to Make Clear Stickers - DIY Transparent Labels

Clear labels are quite pricy but it's possible to make your own at home using packing tape. It’s a really cool, inexpensive and simple DIY image transfer technique. I used black and white but it does work with color also. It can be used just like a clear sticker, with your own custom designs for pantry jars, spice containers, gift tags, on glass, plastic and wood.

Steps (Watch the video for easy and clear steps):

1- Print your image with a laser printer (Take into consideration the width of the tape).

2- Cover the image completely with clear packing tape (The heavier duty tape give much better results than thin tape).

3- Press down with the back of a spoon so that the tape adheres to the image. It will also eliminate bumps and bubbles.

4- Cut along the edge of the printed area and trim away any excess.

5- Soak in water for 5 minutes (The bigger your sticker is, the longer it’ll need to soak).

6- Remove the paper from the tape by rubbing on it. The image is left behind on the tape.

7- Let the tape dry completely so that the stickiness returns.

8- Attach the tape sticker to anything you would use a normal sticker on.

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