Introduction: How to Make Coconut Candy in 3 Steps

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today I will show you how to make a 3 step candy made of coconut

Step 1: Preparing

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you will need sugar butter and sweetened coconut flakes

Step 2: Bowl

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get about a half cup of butter
melt and mix in lots of sugar more than that

Step 3: Cook in Micro

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about some 30 seconds and make sure to cover it and then stir and then another 30 seconds with the top on again and the stir again

Step 4: And Add the Coconut

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stir for a while

Step 5: Coconut

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throw away any access butter

Step 6: Bag

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put a bag to lay on

Step 7: Let It

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let it dry

Step 8: Let on the Bag

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leave on the bag on room temperature

Step 9: After 5 Minutes

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shape it into little balls if still to wet and does not want to shape wait another 5 minutes

Step 10: Dry

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put them on the cap and into the refrigerator

Step 11: The End

eat the final product and enjoy
I hope you all enjoyed

Step 12:

Step 13:


Paris121 (author)2016-07-11

I like how simple and easy your directions are. This is how my mom gives instructions for anything she cooks!

Misael Diaz (author)Paris1212016-07-11


Misael Diaz (author)2016-07-06

thanks they really are

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