Picture of How to Make Coffee
This Instructable is about making coffee the right way. You can keep on making it the less than right way if you so choose, but making a great cuppa is something that comes in handy for guests and mornings after.

Step 1: The Tools

Picture of The Tools
If you really want to make good coffee, you'll need more than that standard drip machine. I use either a french press or an individual dripper. The french press is obviously the greener choice and often results in a better cuppa. You will also want a kettle for boiling the water.

In either case you want to get some fresh, whole beans and grind them yourself. A decent grinder is only about twenty bucks. They tend to give you an uneven grind, but the only way to insure a perfect grind is investing in a high-class "burr" style grinder. I love coffee, but not enough to drop a hundred on a grinder.

Most stores sell beans. The absolute best place, however, is going to be a coffee shop that roasts their own. Once the bean is roasted, it can start going stale. The whole bean will keep for a while, but once ground you best be brewing quickly or you won't really tell the difference.

I stick with a mild Kona blend of coffee, making sure it actually contains beans grown in Hawaii. Your tastes may differ. On a budget, I will get Dunkin Donuts beans which are surprisingly good.