This Instructable is about making coffee the right way. You can keep on making it the less than right way if you so choose, but making a great cuppa is something that comes in handy for guests and mornings after.

Step 1: The Tools

If you really want to make good coffee, you'll need more than that standard drip machine. I use either a french press or an individual dripper. The french press is obviously the greener choice and often results in a better cuppa. You will also want a kettle for boiling the water.

In either case you want to get some fresh, whole beans and grind them yourself. A decent grinder is only about twenty bucks. They tend to give you an uneven grind, but the only way to insure a perfect grind is investing in a high-class "burr" style grinder. I love coffee, but not enough to drop a hundred on a grinder.

Most stores sell beans. The absolute best place, however, is going to be a coffee shop that roasts their own. Once the bean is roasted, it can start going stale. The whole bean will keep for a while, but once ground you best be brewing quickly or you won't really tell the difference.

I stick with a mild Kona blend of coffee, making sure it actually contains beans grown in Hawaii. Your tastes may differ. On a budget, I will get Dunkin Donuts beans which are surprisingly good.

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